Fresh Pasta

65- Neapolitan Spaghetti

With tomato sauce and basil.

66- Spaghetti Carbonara

With guanciale, egg, onion, cream, Parmesan, salt, and black pepper.

67- Spaghetti Bolognese

With meat ragù.

68- Spaghetti “Aglio, olio e peperoncino”

Garlic, oil, and chili pepper.

69- Neapolitan Spaghetti with Sausage

Sautéed with garlic, Neapolitan sauce, and sausage meat.

70- “Nordic” Spaghetti

With garlic, onion, San Marzano cherry tomatoes, salmon, shrimp, and ricotta.

71- Spaghetti ai Frutti di mare

With tomato, garlic, fish stock, prawns, mussels, clams, and squid.

72- Tagliatelle with Pesto

With basil pesto and walnuts.

73- Tagliatelle with Boletus Mushrooms and Wild Mushrooms

With cream sauce and black truffle.

74- “Lorenzo” Tagliatelle

With fresh chicken, garlic, mushrooms, ricotta, tomato, chili, and fresh cream.

75- “Mare e Monti” Tagliatelle

With garlic, onion, wild prawns, mushrooms, and cream.

76- “Mediterranean” Tagliatelle

Butter, sage, zucchini, San Marzano cherry tomatoes, and Parmesan flakes.

77- “Alfredo” Tagliatelle

Butter, prawns, parsley, garlic, cream, salt, pepper, and Parmesan.

78- Tagliatelle with Oxtail Ragù

79- Four Cheese Maccheroni

Gorgonzola, pecorino, Parmesan, and brie.

80- “Amatriciana” Maccheroni

With tomato, spring onion, guanciale, and chili pepper.

81- “Arrabiata” Maccheroni

With garlic, chili pepper, parsley, and tomato sauce.

82- Green Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli

With 4 cheese sauce:

gorgonzola, pecorino, Parmesan, and brie.

83- Black Angus Meat Ravioli

Sautéed with garlic, Neapolitan sauce, and sausage meat.

84- Meat Lasagna

Layers of fresh pasta filled with ragù sauce and gratinated with cheese.