01- Classic bread and grissini

Served with olive oil or butter.

02- Italian olives

With anchovy flavour.

03- Bruschetta all’italiana

With basil, fresh tomato, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and oregano.

04- Fresh croquettes of the day

Special for snacking (2 persons).

05- Beef Carpaccio

(Matured for 60 days)

Seasoned with Maldon salt, olive oil, rocket and parmesan flakes.

06- Vitello Tonnato

Slices of suckling veal roasted in the oven, accompanied by a mild tuna sauce.

07- Mortadella di Bologna platter

Served with grissini and ricotta.

08- Assortment of Italian cold cuts

(2 persons) classic mortadella, cooked ham, Parma ham and salami (served with grissini).

09- Salmon tartar

On a bed of avocado.

10- Eggplant alla parmigiana

With Neapolitan sauce, melted provolone, basil and parmesan.

11- Fresh burrata

(2 persons)

On confit tomatoes, with basil pesto and served with rosemary focaccia.

12- Melon with Parma ham

Sweet and salty contrast, a classic and delicious.

13- Spring avocado

With prawns, pineapple and cocktail sauce.

14- Garlic prawns

Sautéed and flambéed with brandy.

15- Garlic mushrooms

Sautéed and flambéed with brandy.

16- Fried Camembert

Served with fresh cranberry sauce.

17- Seasonal vegetables

Grilled with mushrooms, served with paprika aioli.

18-Calamares a la romana

Served with aioli.

19- Mussels with seafood

Fresh from Galicia, we serve them with a mild tomato sauce, “ideal for sharing”.

“Excelentes para compartir”

20- Focaccia

With garlic, virgin olive oil, salt flakes and oregano.

21- Focaccia

Rosemary, olive oil and sea salt.

22- Focaccia

With natural tomato, olive oil and oregano.

23- Focaccia

With natural tomato, goat’s cheese curls and oregano.

24- Focaccia Bianca

With mozzarella, brie and garlic.

25- Mamma Mia Focaccia

With rocket, Parma ham, fresh tomato and truffle oil.

26- Garden salad

Mixed lettuce with seasonal vegetables, avocado and roasted peppers with honey mustard vinaigrette.

27- Caprese

Authentic fresh buffalo mozzarella with tomato confit, basil and olive oil.

28- Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken salad, parmesan, bread croutons, boiled egg, caesar dressing and crispy bacon.

29- Chickpea Greek

Chickpeas with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olives, Feta cheese, coriander, oregano and honey vinaigrette.

30- Mamma Mia

Green salad, rocket, goat cheese, walnuts, apple and balsamic dressing.

35- Homemade minestrone

Assortment of vegetables cooked to perfection, pasta and parmesan cheese.

36- Tomato cream

We make it with natural tomato, fresh basil and serve it with croutons.

37- Fish and seafood soup

Serve with homemade rosemary bread crostone.